How to play winning blackjack

Blackjack is not only a fascinating game but also a possibility of gain guaranteed playing at online casinos. This is precisely why many beginners first they want to know – how to play winning blackjack at the casino and win. Thanks to a huge amount of various strategies, secrets and tricks of blackjack can easily learn to not only enjoy the game but also get a lot of money.

The secret of the guaranteed profit in the online blackjack is the use of both the special strategy of the game as effective betting system. Uniting these two methods and to learn to watch the game, you can start insurance in blackjack and win cash in online casinos real money. Before spending real money on blackjack, play free and learn the rules and basic strategies.


As in other forms of gambling in online casinos in blackjack is a crowd of several betting systems. You can all these systems conventionally divided only into two main categories: progressive and regressive systems.

The progressive betting system for blackjack (ie – Martingale strategy, “founder” of all modern progressive betting systems) assumes that after every win you have to rise. Such systems are considered the most comfortable and safe for beginners, because it allows obtaining a large but not stable gain that compensates expenditures game.

Regressive wagering system presumes the increase in loss after each bet. Such systems are seen as more risky, because the player can quickly spend all their money just to lose fortune.

If you now cannot belong to the experienced players in the online blackjack, it is first necessary to use progressive betting systems – for example, the popular Martingale strategy. With your help and having the fortune, your profit will always cover the costs – and even more, you can get a large but no significant benefit from the results of the session of the game in online casino.


The second component of a successful online blackjack at the casino – is the use of the strategy. As there are many varieties of blackjack, tens, for each of the game types there is at least a special strategy. Thus the first thing to do, to raise the target to collect in the online blackjack real money – is to choose the strategy that suits you.

VLA most beneficial of blackjack for players, who dream of winning real money and collect the most often, is considered the Spanish blackjack variety. For the special rules of the predominance of Spanish blackjack casino are minimal and this means that the player’s chances of profit increase.

The correct use of the blackjack game strategy will allow taking clear decisions in 90% of cases – and therefore doing everything up to you to win. The tables for blackjack game to determine what decision needs to be taken in this or that situation – for example, if it is worth taking one more card if you already have 15 points in your hand or in this situation, it is better to double the bet.