How they work keno machines

Machine operation

A player deposited coins into the keno machines, then the machine will prompt the player to select from 10-20 numbers in the same way it does in the version that is no video. When it is done, the machine performs its own random selection of numbers and then calculates and displays the player’s winnings according to the amount of numbers that have been combined. The player has the option to collect the winnings by pressing the payment of the machine or use it as a credit for another game.

Online video keno

The video keno can also be found online and in casinos. As in most gaming sites, online keno requires players to register an account on the site with a credit card. The online games operate in the same way as the video, giving the player a game ticket in which chooses from four to 20 numbers.


Winnings are credited to the player’s account. Online keno is only allowed in the United States due to conform to the laws on online transactions.


The odds of winning at video keno vary depending on the machine, although the rate of return of the video version may be much higher than in the regular keno with 80 percent or higher chances of winning something. Much depends on the maximum numbers selected by the player, the amount of numbers you choose and the amount of numbers that combine the machine. Many of these machines allow the player to choose the amount of numbers that combine the keno machines, which can affect the odds.